ReZen Integrative Healing


Integrative Healing with a Holistic Approach

“My mission is to empower you to take control of your health and wellness.”


ReZen is a lifestyle coaching service that assists you in upgrading your personal wellness practices so you can live with greater harmony and freedom.

ReZen integrates a full spectrum of yoga and meditation practices, soft and deep tissue massage, subtle body therapies, breathwork, therapeutic movement, and consciousness studies into personalized coaching programs.

My approach is a unique and dymamic blend of the ancient technologies of the East that are applied to a modern context. First and foremost, you are invited to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the breath.

Breathe in….breathe out.

Mindful breathing offers an optimal oxygen, stretches and massages your inner body, calms the mind, stimulates vital life force energy and creates more spaciousness in your whole being.

Live your life with greater awareness and clarity. Seek your deeper truth.

The ReZen experience creates an expanded state of consciousness, where we may experience our true nature and unlimited potential.

ReZen calms the mind by directing the attention to the breath and its relationship with the body. When the mind is calm, you can access the peace, tranquility, and pure potential of the present moment. ReZen specializes in releasing stress and tension in the body while increasing clarity and relaxation using natural methods.

Awaken all the body’s systems by doubling the intake of oxygen and the release of toxins which makes the body runs cleaner and more efficiently. Imagine doubling the relaxation experienced in your daily life whether you are at work, home, or traveling!

Cultivate a deeper connection to your vital life force energy (chi, qi or prana)  that streams from an unlimited source.

Activate the energy body, or chakra system, to stimulate positive psychic and intuitive activity.

Uncover the state of Zen, your natural state. Zen is being fully alive and awake in the moment, tapped into your unlimited creative potential and expansive consciousness.

Return to Wholeness. Return to Zen. ReZen…

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